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Testeck Cable Wins Dupont Asia Pacific PLUNKETT
DuPont Applied Chemistry and Fluorine Products Department recently announced the list of winners for Plunkett Award in Asia-Pacific region and held an award ceremony at Sheraton Hotel in Hsinchu, Taiwan to commend the innovative application achievements of 13 companies in the field of fluoropolymers in Asia-Pacific region, and Testeck high-temperature resistant fiber project won the honorary award.
The Plunkett award appraisal in Asia-Pacific region was launched in 2013. The international evaluation team composed of authoritative industry experts reviewed the entries from innovation, influence on sustainable development, application range and commercialization influence. 3 awards and 10 honorary awards were selected from more than 50 shortlisted works from China, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries. The award-winning units have carried out innovative applications for fluoropolymer materials in different application fields, providing leading solutions for downstream enterprises, including solar energy, wind energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, printing, automobile, electronic information, home appliances and other application fields.
The awards will be appraised by the following four criteria:
Novelty of products or applications;
Its contribution to sustainable development and environmental factors;
Its current application and whether it creates opportunities in the new application fields of current or additional markets;
Its commercial significance includes proven benefits and capacity to meet important needs.
The awards will be appraised by industry experts and representatives from academia, plastics industry, industry federation and industrial trade fair.
Rebus, director of DuPont Applied Chemistry and Fluorine Products Department in Asia-Pacific region, said, “With the development of economic globalization, cooperation and innovation in the Asia-Pacific region is very important for the sustainable prosperity and development of enterprises. We attach great importance to the relationship with our customers and always believe that the concept of continuous innovation can bring a greater value to our customers. ”
The Plunkett award is named after Dr. Roy Plunkett, a DuPont scientist. 75 years ago, Dr. Roy Plunkett invented the world’s first fluorine-containing polymer--polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is a valuable multifunctional material. Since its birth, its application fields have been expanding, and it continue to solve the challenges for downstream users and bring innovative applications. In 1988, (the 50th anniversary of the birth of PTFE), DuPont set up the Plunkett award in recognition of its innovative applications in the field of DuPont fluoropolymers.
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