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EN50306-2 Series
一、Product standards
Comply with TJ/CL313-2014 Technical requirements for wires and cables of EMU.
Pass BS6853:1999 and DIN5510-2:2009 Fireproof, smoke and toxicity testing.
Comply with the requirements of internal and external cables of Class Ia, Ib and II locomotives in BS6853:1999
Comply with the requirements of flammability class S1-S5 in DIN5510-2:2009.
二、Usage scope
The power, control cable and related circuits involved in this unit can reduce the harm to people and improve the safety of transportation in case of fire. For the cables with or without sheaths, the insulation and sheath shall be halogen-free materials. In case of fire, the product of this unit can limit the spread of flame, reduce the emission of toxic gas and smoke, reduce the loss of visibility and make personnel evacuate quickly.

This product is applicable to the fixed wiring of vehicles and the transmission of electric energy of junction box with little softness. It is suitable for power devices of vehicles with miniaturized electric wire and cable. 
三、Usage characteristics
 1、The rated AC voltage of the cable is 300V.
 2、The operation temperature of the cable is-40℃~90℃ and -40℃~105℃. The maximum short-circuit temperature shall be 160℃, 5s. In case of fire, such cables have excellent performance in preventing flame spreading, smoke and toxic gas emission.
3、Safety: The chlorine content of the cable is 0, so there is no hydrogen chloride gas overflowing during overheating or combustion, and there is no damage to people, instruments and meters.
4、Allowable bending radius of cable: For fixed laying, it is 5 times of cable outer diameter; for non fixed laying, it is 6 times of cable outer diameter.
5、The cable meets the low-smoke and halogen-free performance. The gas release testing during cable combustion meets the requirements of total halogen gas < 5mg/g, pH value ≥ 4.3, conductivity≤10us/mm and light transmittance≥70%.
6、Toxicity index: The equivalent European standard toxicity index shall not be greater than 3, and the equivalent TB standard toxicity index shall not be greater than 5.
7、The cable can be used in the occasion polluted by mineral oil and fuel oil.
8、The cable is resistant to single cable vertical burning.
9、Solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
10、Cables can be produced in various colors according to customer requirements.
四、Product codes and naming
1、Cable models and names
EN50306-2     300V     MM
Thin wall single core cable
2、Product specification

Model Voltage class Number of cores Section mm²
EN50306-2 300V MM 300V 1 0.5~2.5 mm²

五、Cable structure diagram

EN50306-2    300V     M

A Conductor          B Insulation