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Who We Are

Who We Are

Testeck-Cable is a company specializing in providing high-temperature, lightweight, miniaturized, special and integrated solutions for cable through-wall sealing for industrial fields.

Cable through wall sealing is a kind of non-damage"building blocks" new sealing method; replacing the traditional Fireproof mud, fireproof glue, metal waterproof joints, etc.

The company followsISO9001,TS22163( span>International Railway Quality Management System)、ISO13485(Medical device quality management system), engaged in independent research and development, manufacturing and sales, the company has A number of technical teams and quality teams engaged in the field of industrial cables for more than 10years, The cable through wall sealing component is made by 20multiple space sealing experts The team is made up of components and continues to innovate based on the actual working conditions of the customers.

The product line mainly includes instrumentation (sensor) cables, low smoke Halogen-free flame retardant, data cable, multi-functional integrated cable, spring wire, high temperature series cable, etc.

Application areas include aerospace, rail transit, clean energy (wind power, nuclear power, Photovoltaic, hydropower), automotive industrial vehicles, instrumentation, sensor technology etc.

Technical Support

Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang Chief Engineer

Graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology majoring in electrical cables, engineer, has served as process engineer of technology department, technical director of cable workshop, and chief engineer of technology center, with more than 40 years of work experience.

Service Hotline: +86 13590178312


Mr.Qiu Technical Manager

Leading the technical work of the company's cable products, the process control and improvement of the company's cable production, more than 10 years of experience in cable research and development technology.

Service Hotline: +86 138 2353 2476

Mr. Qiu

Mr. Qiu Product Manager

More than 20 years of working experience in wire and cable companies, rich experience in cable product development and team management, with cable product technology research and development, product engineering or manufacturing work experience, familiar with cable industry product development and improvement.

Service Hotline: +86 138 2353 2476


Mr.Li Business support

Organize bidding, sign contracts, formulate the company's business strategy according to the industry and market conditions, establish a business operation team, and use the company's internal and external resources to achieve the company's business activities smoothly.

Service Hotline: +86 136 8956 5278

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