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Industry Brief 

The safety of high-voltage power consumption of new energy vehicles has always been the bottleneck and pain point of electric vehicles; with the development of intelligent and networked technology of electric vehicles, it has brought another test to the safety of new energy vehicles; in order to pursue the improvement of energy efficiency ratio, Lightweight has become the latest technology trend. Based on the above-mentioned industry status quo, it is a major challenge for automotive cables whether under overload conditions, electromagnetic compatibility, cable lightweight, and long-term reliability.

Product Description: 

Faced with the increasingly stringent customer expectations for safety and comfort, emission reduction requirements and high traffic density conditions; automotive cables are faced with overload conditions, electromagnetic compatibility, lightweight, transmission reliability, long-term aging, and diversity of working conditions. and other major challenges.

Testeck-cable develops and manufactures customized automotive cable solutions to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the automotive industry:

EV charging cable series
Low smoke halogen free flame retardant cable
High temperature cable
High voltage cable

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