Sensors and Instruments

Smart Solutions for Small Signal Transmission
Cables for instrumentation and sensor transmission

Industry Brief 

The world is gradually becoming fully networked, and sensors are an important basic technology in this field. With the characteristics of miniaturization, centralization and intelligence of sensors, the use of sensors faces various environmental conditions; the transmission reliability of sensors in the face of complex working conditions is very important.

Product Description: 

As a non-electrical small signal transmission cable, it faces many and diverse environments; this series of cables puts forward higher requirements for functions such as electrical, mechanical, environmental, bending, and electromagnetic shielding.

With more than 10 years of focus on the sensor field, Testeck-cable can fully meet the needs of customers in terms of measurement and sensors through the combination of different materials, structures, special designs, etc.:

Low temperature series
Low noise series
High temperature series
Anti-interference series
Bending resistance series
Wear-resistant series

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