Electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic pulse through wall sealing components

Electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic pulse through wall sealing components

Through special design, sealed components can form a comprehensive electromagnetic defense system to withstand the following attacks: electronic warfare or mobile phones, as well as the negative impact of the daily use of electronic equipment on sensitive electronic equipment, electrostatic discharge, switch ignition, high-power power generation, power frequency interference, lightning strikes, and short circuit and surge currents of equipment.
Product Details
Reference Standards
GB23864 standard
Guojin 5792
English 45545
Electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic pulse
1. Protection objectives and mechanisms
Specially designed modules block and guide radiated and conducted electromagnetic interference, and block various electromagnetic interference from walls; The copper film or metal braid embedded in the module is grounded through a metal frame.

product type
A. Conductive copper foil
Conductive copper foil wraps the cable shield or metal conduit in all directions to form a low impedance grounding path to prevent high-frequency radiation and conduction in the shielded environment.

B. Heavy conductive woven fabric
Heavy duty braided tape provides grounding for armored cables. High resistance to short circuit currents and surge currents. They are designed for use in hazardous locations to protect facilities from lightning strikes and surge currents.


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