Low smoke halogen free flame retardant cable

Low smoke halogen free flame retardant cable


Low-smoke halogen-free wires and cables produce very little smoke in the case of flame combustion, and the released gas does not contain halogen elements, is non-toxic, and meets the European fire protection standard of EN45545-2. When a fire occurs, it can greatly reduce the damage to instruments, equipment and human body. Hazard, widely used in high-rise buildings, hospitals, large libraries, gymnasiums, disaster prevention command and dispatch buildings, stations and civil airports, passenger waiting rooms, key cultural relics protection sites, and subways, underground shopping malls or densely populated public places.
Product Details

Low smoke halogen free flame retardant cable










1. Voltage level: 300V, 600V, 1800V, 3600V

2. Temperature resistance range: -40-125℃, -60-200℃

3. Conductor material: tin-plated, silver-plated

4. Section square: 0.5~240mm2

5. Number of cable cores: 1-48 cores

6. Flame retardant grade: Class A, Class B, Class C

7. Meet the fire protection standard of EN45545-2.



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